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Virtual Play

Sign in for a morning of stimulating children's activities that are easy to prepare.


Playgroups are structured to engage children through parents or caregivers, while providing opportunities to share. This means less emphasis on screens and more attention on the activities and in-person interactions.

Virtual Playgroup packages are designed for families with children aged 1 - 5 years. 


Activities are thoughtfully curated to support children's learning at each stage. 

Online Class

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"I love that I don't have to worry about planning play activities for my children.  Strong Start does that for me and my kids love it!" 

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Strong Start Virtual Playgroup Schedule
Strong Start Virtual Playgroup Schedule

Online Playgroup Schedule

Virtual playgroups run for 45 minutes, and have daily themes to support holistic growth and development for children aged 1 year - 5 years.

Playgroups are designed to coach parents or domestic workers in setting up and administering activities for children.

Depending on your family's needs, you can select our full-time or part-time package options.

Supplies & Materials

Choose between sourcing your own supplies or purchasing them through us!

Our playboxes have everything you need to create fun, creative and development focused play activities for our virtual playgroups.

All items included are toxic free and safe for children.

Kid's Art Supplies

Quality Content

Our playgroups are thoughtfully designed to create stimulating and age-appropriate activities for children 1 years - 5 years.

Login every weekday morning for your child to access fun play activities, while parents & caregivers are guided through online instruction on how to set up activities, language to use with your child and how to extend learning outcomes.