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Crushing Spices

This activity introduces your little chefs to the world of spice and cuisine, all the while strengthening their fine motor and life skills.

Ages: 2Y+

Development Focus: Fine motor development, cognitive development, life skills

Children love learning life skills. There is so much importance that children place on attempting activities that they see adults perform. 

This crushing spices activity gives your child an opportunity to work with a pestle and mortar and learn about different spices, their scents and textures.  

As always, there is so much learning that comes from intentional activities! 

For this activity, you will need your pestle and mortar, garden herbs (dhania, basil), root spices (garlic, ginger), or whole spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves) 

Present the materials in bowls and encourage your child to try it out!


1. Prepare your spices and pestle and mortar in advance.

2. Clean your pestle and mortar with a small kitchen brush.

Crushing Spices Activity Card

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