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Farm Animal Sensory Bin

This is a fun activity that stimulates your child's sensory skills, while introducing them to farm life and farm animals while focusing on sensory development.

Ages: 13M+

Development Focus:

Sensory development, cognitive development, fine motor skills, vocabulary development

Creating a farm animal sensory bin is a great way to introduce nature, farm life and farm animals to your little one.

All you need are a few farm animals toys, building blocks, scoops and cups and a sensory filler of your choice.

The sensory filler can be sand, soil, millet, seeds, or corn - whatever you have on hand.

The name of the game is make-believe play, so do your best to help engage your child in pretend play with the animals. You could try asking questions like what sound does the cow make?


1. Prepare your sensory filler in advance. If possible, go for a nature walk with your little one to collect the filler and introduce the activity to them in order to build anticipation, curiosity and excitement.

2. Ensure that the toy animals and building blocks and any other toys you intend to use are cleaned before creating the sensory farm.

3. As your child plays with the animals, introduce farm animal names, sounds and other interesting facts about the animals.  

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