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Oobleck Sensory Play

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Nothing puts the mess in messy play like oobleck.  This activity is suitable for all ages and will keep your little one busy forever! For older children, discuss scientific components in this activity, such as defining "solid" and "liquid" for extended learning.

Ages: 18M+

Development Focus: 

Sensory development, fine motor skills, color recognition, cognitive development

If you are new to Oobleck, you will find this concoction fascinating! When it is pressed or held firmly, the material is a solid, but when you hold it softly, it becomes liquid!

All you need for this activity is:

2-parts corn flour &

1-part water

(2:1 corn flour : water)

To add some colour, mix food colour into your water before mixing.

Mix everything together and play!

Remember the messier the better!

Allow your child to have fun and play with the oobleck for as long as they like.

Offer different materials, such as different sized bowls, funnels, cars or toy animals to add to their play.

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