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Scooping & Pouring

This is a perfect outdoor activity that helps your little one develop fine motor skills, cognitive development and early mathematics concepts

Ages: 1+

Development Focus:

Fine motor skills, cognitive development

Filling, scooping, measuring and pouring play activities help children develop their fine motor skills. They also help children grasp early math concepts such as less or more and even counting.

Now, onto the scooping & pouring activity:

Ensure that you set up the measuring station in advance.

Present your child with various scoops, ladles, spoons and cups. Encourage them to scoop and pour water from one sensory bin to the next.

Help them understand concepts such as full, empty, half full.


1. Set up the scooping and pouring station in advance.

2. Encourage your child to use both hands when scooping and pouring. This is also a great time to introduce numbers and math concepts such as more or less or fractions like half, a quarter or three quarters.

Scooping & pouring | Activity Card

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