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Snowflake Art

This art activity is fun and easy to set up on those days when your child asks about snow!

Ages: 13M+

Development Focus:

Sensory development, cognitive development, fine motor skills

This snowflake art activity presents a learning opportunity to introduce your little one to weather, nature and different seasons.

All you need is paper (card stock works best, but regular printing paper works too), masking tape, paint and a paint brush.

Show your little one a picture of a snowflake and duplicate it on art paper with masking tape by crossing the tape as shown above.

Now for the fun part get messy and paint! Encourage your child to paint the entire page using a paint brush, or just their fingers. 

Leave the master piece to dry while you read books about weather or watch a short video describing different seasons. Once the paint has dried, have your child pull the tape to reveal the masterpiece!


1. Prepare your activity in advance. Spread out a sheet underneath your work station because this activity involves painting.

2. Cue up weather related songs and books to read and sing later on to help your child remember what they have learned from the activity.

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