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Sorting Socks

This is a perfect indoor activity that helps your little one develop life skills and problem-solving skills!

Ages: 2Y+

Development Focus:

Life skills, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills

Teaching your little ones life skills is very important. It helps them develop a culture of self-care, dependency, healthy self-esteem and problem-solving.

Now, onto sorting socks:

Ensure that you have two small laundry baskets. Label one sorted socks and the other unsorted socks

Collect socks of all shapes and sizes around the house.

Encourage your child to match the socks. The sock marching criteria is: sock

size, patterns and color.


1. Prepare the socks in advance.

2. Encourage your child to use both their hands to fold the socks.

3. Prepare your space in advance so that there is no anxiety about breaking something indoors. This way you can focus on having FUN!

Sorting Socks | Activity Card

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