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Washing Windows

This is a fun activity that encourages children to participate in cleaning their home while strengthening their fine motor skills!

Ages: 2Y+

Development Focus:

Fine motor skills, cognitive development, life skills and hand-eye coordination

Teaching your child how to clean is a life long skill that teaches them to understand the effort that goes into cleaning and maintaining a home.

It also helps them feel like valued members of their family by contributing to their household chores.  

Toddlers are eager to mimic adults so you should not have any problems getting them to agree with this activity!

This washing windows activity will be a crowd-pleaser. Mainly because it is a water based play activity and it also has cause and effect elements.

We guarantee lots of engagement and clean windows with this one!

All you need is a spray bottle, cloth and water.

Have your toddler spray the window and then wipe with the cloth. To start with, your toddler may only want to spray, while you clean, which is okay too!


1. Save your window cleaner spray bottles for this activity.

2. Ensure that the spray bottles are clean before adding water because some window cleaners do contain harsh chemicals.

3. Allow your child to do this activity, withOUT perfection.  When starting on chores, it is the effort that counts (not the outcome!).