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Micropod Play

Micropods are small groups of children who come together to play and learn. Micropod families agree to limit their exposure to people outside of their pod. Pods normally consist of 3 - 6 children ​and are becoming a popular solution to learning through the coronavirus pandemic. 

We work with micropods to take the planning out of play & development by bringing you quality curriculum and curated supplies.

Strong Start's micropods focus on learning through play for ages 6-months to 5-years.  Our activities and curricula are developed to support children through their different ages and stages of learning and development. 

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Quality Curriculum


Strong Start's programs focus on learning through play. Our activities and curricula are developed to support children through their different ages and stages of development.  


Our curricula content includes:

Science & Nature Play,

Art & Messy Play,

Early Numeracy & Literacy,


Movement & Music,

Messy & Sensorial Play


Our curricula is designed to stimulate all areas of children's development, with a focus on gross & fine motor skills, language development, cognitive development and social-emotional development. 

Quality Teachers

Strong Start teachers are qualified teachers in early childhood education and follow play-based pedagogy.


Teachers are trained in observing, tracking and reporting children's developmental milestones so that parents and caregivers remain informed on children's progress.


Teachers also support caregivers or parents in learning and understanding Strong Start's play approach so that play at home can continue throughout! 



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Covid 19

Pandemic Learning​

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Strong Start is taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being of children, caregivers and teachers.


Teachers will follow strong hygiene protocols including, wearing facemasks, employing structured handwashing times, implementing social-distancing protocols, and conducting temperature checks on all playgroup participants.


Participating parents or caregivers are required to wear face masks and follow social distancing protocols. 


Each participant is required to purchase and use his / her own material boxes, which are packaged and delivered by Strong Start.

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