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Rescuing Animals

This easy to set up activity will keep your child engaged, while strengthening their fine motor muscles.

Ages: 2Y+

Development Focus: Fine motor development, Cognitive development

This activity is one of our favourites because it incorporates imaginative play. Imaginative play is important for your child's cognitive development and social skills. When done in a group setting it also allows for different ideas and concepts to be passed around.

All you need for this activity are toy animals and rubber bands. Wrap the rubber bands around the animals. And then introduce the activity as a safari or expedition to rescue animals. Allow your child to take the lead to rescue the animals and support your child in case of any challenges or questions during the mission!


1. Prepare the toy animals in advance. Ensure that they are clean especially if your child puts things in their mouth.

2. Create a fun story around the reason that you are rescuing the animals.  

3. For toddler fingers, this activity is actually a lot harder than it looks! Give your child time to complete the activity and moral support goes a long way!

Rescuing Animals Activity Card

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