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Color Match

This is a good quiet time activity that boosts your child's concentration skills, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition and fine motor skills.

Ages: 2Y+

Development Focus:

Fine motor skills, cognitive development and hand-eye coordination

Colour matching play activities are great because they arouse children's curiosity while helping them learn colours.

For this easy-to-prepare activity, cut the slits in advance with scissors or a box cutter. Do this while your child is not close by to avoid any injuries.

If your child knows how to use scissors, you can encourage your child to help you cut the coloured paper into card size pieces. Ensure that they are using appropriate child friendly scissors.

Once the cards are cut, colour each slit the same colour as the cards. Carefully explain the objective of the activity - to match the cards with the slits - before they begin matching colors and dropping the cards into the matching slits.


1. Save a cardboard box for this activity .

2. Invest in child friendly scissors and cutting equipment.

3. Ensure that the cards match the crayons in your child's crayon box.

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