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Colour Hop

This is a fun gross motor play activity that helps your little ones with colour and shape recognition while they burn their energy! Great for a rainy day!

Ages: 18M+

Development Focus:

Gross motor skills, cognitive development, colour recognition

Gross motor play activities help children gain confidence and strengthen their bodies. Here at Strong Start, we love activities that not only enhance children's understanding of the world, but also help them burn some pent up energy!

Colour hop is the perfect indoor/outdoor gross motor play activity.

If you are doing the activity indoors, all you need is adequate space and different coloured papers that are cut into different shapes (or you can even draw a shape on the paper). 

Scatter the shapes and instruct your child to hop on different shapes / colours. Be creative and join in the fun if your little one needs some encouragement!

If you are doing this activity outside, all you need is a flat surface and sidewalk chalk. Draw the shapes on the ground and have your child help you colour them in.

Once drawn, encourage your child to hop on the different shapes.


1. As this activity can be done both indoors and outdoors, prepare the space in advance.

2. Watch this video tutorial before the activity.

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